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about ESCAPP

ESCAPP is a full service premium resignation provider offering the most comprehensive resignation services to make your employment exit the most relaxing process that you will ever experience. Our clients depend on us to help them transition to the next chapter in their lives and we pride ourselves in being sensitive, caring and professional to all parties involved.

*This is not a lawyer service.

Our Clients range from employees at Fortune 500 companies to volunteers. We look forward to serving you. See some of the reasons people hire us.

  • I feel sorry for leaving
  • I feel anxiety and stressed thinking about it
  • Difficult to say to my boss
  • Management will try to change my mind
  • I can't be bothered

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We always handle your resignation in a caring, professional and culturally sensitive manner. Oh yeah! and WE ARE FAST. Immediate start after payment is received

  • Full-time Employee ¥35,000
  • Part-time Employee ¥30,000
  • Next time is 75% OFF
  • New Mothers
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    what we do

    1. Consulation

    Discuss how you would like things to be done. Confirm that you do not want to contact the company. Decide if you would like to receive leave of absence. We take your direction as a guide to complete the task.

    2. Transfer

    Payment received after 15:00 on business days will be considered next day payment. You will recieve a confirmation email when everything is ok and we are ready to proceed to the next step. Credit Card Via Paypal. Bank Transfer is optional if you are in a hurry.

    3. Substitute and Contact

    We will continuously contact your employer, first by phone and then by email until correspondence is achieved and confirmed. This will occur on the same day.


    • Japanese Boss OK
    • no need to talk to your boss any longer
    • recieve email confirmation
    • English Boss OK
    • We respond same day
    • Italian Boss Ok
    • Mexican Boss OK
    • Second Time 75% OFF

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